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Having a Facebook page to market a business is the way of today’s world, but small business owners and personal brands face the dilemma of how to share content on multiple places without duplication.  In other words, if a Facebook user is friends with you on your personal profile, and also joins your business page, any time you post the same update on both your profile and page, you may be creating a double entry in that person’s News Feed.  So how do you prevent this?

Timing is everything
As a general rule, it is completely appropriate to post the same content to both a personal profile and a page, BUT, you must space out the posts.  Due to the enormous amount of people using Facebook, chances are if you post the same content more than once in the same day, only a handful of people will see it as a double post.  Get maximum exposure out of the same content by spacing out the timing across multiple pages.

Be clear on your focus
Use your Facebook page for business content, and your personal profile to show that in fact you are a real person.  The personal profile can be used to talk about your hobbies, travel, and family.  These are three of the big topics people love to bond over!  You can also post inspirational quotes, photos, and videos to your personal profile.

The Facebook page is the best outlet to showcase your business content, promotional content, and industry related news and links.  Having a clear distinction between your personal page and your Facebook page will have your fans and friends engaged with all aspects of who you are and what your business is about.

Manage automation effectively, or not at all
Although it seems wonderful that there are a number of ways to push out your content on automatic mode, what you may not realize is that it can actually hurt your overall social media campaign if not managed effectively.

For example, some people may schedule identical content to post to their Facebook personal profile, plus one or more Facebook fan pages, plus one or more Twitter accounts, plus their LinkedIn profile, etc.  Or, they sync their Twitter account to every other social profile and just auto-stream the same content.  Granted, the likelihood of anyone in your network seeing every update across every social profile is rather slim, however when it comes to Facebook, the chances of your audience seeing multiple updates are much higher because of the way the news feed works.

It is necessary to be fully aware of what you are posting, where it’s going, and when it’s getting there.  It shows a lack of attention to detail when the same content is double, even triple posted, due to the ease of automation.  In the long run, your brand will fair better if automation of your content is managed effectively.

As a very detail oriented Social Media Manager, it makes me happy to think that this article has helped at least one social media marketer out there!  Please, if you ever notice a double post on any of my social media networks, let me know, as I will immediately correct the mistake!

What strategies do you use to effectively promote your brand’s content?

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6 Responses to Solutions to Avoid Double Posting on Facebook

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  4. How do you deal with double posting for musicians? For example, an artist just releases a new album. Surely it’s worthy of posting on their fan page but just as important to post on their personal page. I suppose in this situation it’s best to stagger posts as you suggest. Correct?

  5. You’re absolutely right Tonio, in that situation you should do the post at different times. Because posts have a better interaction rate at “off-hours”, I suggesting doing one of the posts maybe around 10 am then the other one after 8 pm. Thanks for commenting!

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